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Trotcon map by Dreatos
Trotcon 2015!

Here's where you can find me and my mom this year at Trotcon!  I will be posting my print lineup soon.  Please be aware that some prints from last year are being axed due to lack of interest.  I hope to have a new print or two before TrotCon hits but [Steven Universe] stuff happens.

Also 10,000 buttons!  I hope to have at least that many.  Maybe 30,000.  But not 20,000 that's a bad number.
Valtreon Podium by Dreatos

It feels good to wear the helmet again.

Hello everyone!  I've spent enough time thinking and so now it's time for discussion!

Patreon and Valcron are potentially coming together for the first time and I need some discussion going on to help guide this path.

I want to state this again for future records:  My art will not change for the worse when the Patreon campaign starts.  I hope that with the ability to devote all of my time towards my art that it will improve both in quality AND quantity.

This is riding solely on Patreon being a success, however; so that I can devote said all of my time towards my art.

Now comes time to discuss what all Patreon can mean for the future.  I want you guys to answer some questions if you don't mind.  These are just to help me get a better idea of how to focus myself when this begins.  You don't have to answer them all, but any answer you can give should help tremendously.

  1. What do you think of Patreon overall?
  2. What benefits do you think there can be besides an increase in artwork output by the artist?
  3. What negative behaviors have you seen that you don't like?
  4. What kind of kickback do you like to see?
    -Example: Artist gives you sneak peaks, high res, free swag, ect ect

If I think of any other questions then I'll ask them in a future journal.  This will set me upright starting off at least.

If you have any questions for me, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask them in the comments and I will do my best to answer.  This is a strange chapter in my life that I wish to pursue and I feel it has the potential to be a game changer.

Thank you guys for your time and support.

So TrotCon is coming up FAST!  I still need to get some button designs done before it hits.  I hope you guys are ready for this!  I'll have con maps posted soon for where you can find me and my family.  Mom will be attending Trotcon with me for the second time!  She attended with me in 2013, missed 2014, and is back for 2015!

BronyCon is only three short weeks after that!

Hotel problems fixed!

Now for other business!

My life has taken a strange turn lately.  Something has moved me down a path I thought I might want to take.  What moved me?  Mostly my current job turning into a atrocious place to work.  I fought some severe anxiety to arrive just last Tuesday; something I've never had to face before.  My work environment has changed to a point I don't want to be there.  I have been meaning to move on anyway and the change has created a very powerful motivation for me to do so.

I want to draw.

I asked myself what I wanted:  The stress of a job, or the stress of needing to draw.  The answer was very clear: I want to draw.  Heed me when I say I WANT to draw.  I always have wanted to.  The struggle to get past blocks is something that has always been with me but this time feels different.  I don't want to get too metaphorical or any of that.

The truth is that I would like to start a Patreon someday and support myself while I draw.  I want to devote a lot more time to drawing.  I want discipline to take its place among motivation and inspiration in helping me achieve that devotion; but I would need help.

I'm still thinking on this right now.  For the time being I am challenging myself to meet goals.  I want to prove that I have the drive to achieve and go forward with this.  I've already drawn a lot more this month than I have in the last ... year almost.  Some of the stuff won't get posted though because it's a LOT of failed sketches.
It should be a miracle they didn't all get deleted.
Bare with me as I contemplate this.  The, "A Titan is Reborn" piece was a great piece for me that I am more happy than ever to have completed.  Hopefully that image will be a bar for quality for my big pieces in the future.  It should be the bar!  And that bar shall be surpassed.

I want to bold a few more things here hold on.




(I want to discuss Patreon in a future journal post.  It's pluses, minuses, controversies, ect.  I'm doing a LOT of thinking on this right now.  Please do not read too much into it until I announce at a future journal.  My art won't change regardless of what happens.)
So I've been binge watching Steven Universe more than once over the last few days.  It's pretty cool so far.  There's a lot going on and it's pretty deep.  I'd really like to discuss some stuff about it but there's TOO MUCH THERE.  I like to sleep some nights.

I want to only draw a few things for it and then back to pony.  Or maybe not?

I'm trying to discipline myself to draw more.  Guys these hiatuses are dumb.  I've come to the point that I'm done thinking about them.  I want to fill every day with at least something!  If I'm successful then some changes around here might occur.

What changes?

I'm not sure just yet.  I'm planning that stuff out.
Also Pearl is best gem just so you guys know.
Smug Lil Pearl by Dreatos
Egg on my face-

I am alive I do swear!  I hate playing this game of no months with content.  Keep an eye out I got some stuff planned I just need to batten down the hatches and get to it.  No I'm not blowing smoke up your ovens!  I might bake a cake though.

The news you guys need to hear isn't here just yet but I do have some updates for those interested:

TrotCon and BronyCon are things that are happening!  I got the emails and will be there assuming hell or highwater doesn't get in my way.  Proper announcements will come when I have more details sorted out.
Everfree Northwest is currently in waitlist land.  Hopefully I'll be able to exit that land and enter the promised halls of vendoring!  I also really wanted to see Seattle again and the coast.  You guys have some nice landscapes up there that we in Illinois simply lack :(.
-As an aside:  BronyCon may see my whole family clan there.  I'm excited!

I have a dying laptop!  The thing is now 6 years old, approaching 7 by the end of this year, and it simply cannot take much more.  Constant crashes, slow CPU, out of date drivers, ect ect.  I would love to replace it by the end of the year with something that would let me become mobile once more.  I'd also like a new car too but everything wants all this money I don't have.

Why did Transformers Prime have to end after 3 seasons and a movie?

So here we are, another year, another several month hiatus until I inevitably start posting again.  Same old same old you guys know the drill.

The good stuff first!

-The fall treated me well, dunno about you guys, but in spite of being down in the dumps about drawing, I survived and stuff.  This year feels different so no telling what it may bring!

-I'm drawing again!  I have brought myself back from the brink of extinction and slowly but surely am working on new things.  Expect them!  But not in a timely fashion as some of these are fat and take a long time.

-I got a new drawing program!  It's called Clip Studio Paint Pro.  There was a sale and I snagged it for $15.  It has a lot of functionality that SAI doesn't have (Like drawing shapes, text, bigger brushes, perspective lines, grids, ect ect ect).  I highly suggest looking into it if you're in the venue for a new drawing program.  Also it is 64-bit so no 32-bit limitations!  I am more than willing to answer any questions in the comments regarding the program!

-I didn't gain weight over Christmas!  Yeahhhhhhh!

The bad stuff next!

-Well I didn't draw much of anything the last 4 silly months.  I kinda did but some of those things can't be shown yet until I finish my storywriting.  None of you really care to hear about a giant leviathan fish lady yet right?  ... Right?

-I'm conceding on trying to write new pony stuff.  I simply have too much and not enough time to convince myself that I can eventually get around to them.
 A-I will be summarizing and dramatizing a few of the stories here in journal form over the next few weeks/months/whenever I find time to do it so that people can get the full idea of where each story was going to go.  I might draw new things for them but the reality is that I simply cannot make them into fullblown comics like I wanted.  So much to do and I am simply too slow of an artist!

-That's literally all of the bad stuff.  It was a pretty boring Fall.  I played a lot of WoW when Orcs of Draenorc came out and I killed a lot of orcs with my blade I'm pretty sure that took the name, "Orcrist" from that Thorim fellow.  He got pretty mad and holed himself up in a mountain.  What a jerk.

Conventions again?

-I will be returning to the same conventions as I was at last year pending invites!  These include EverfreeNorthwest, BronyCon, Trotcon, and the Crystal Fair in STL!  I got some good ideas coming for new images and hopefully will get them into the woodworks soon.  Valve and I had a conference recently on the definition of the word, "soon".  Neither of us really understood what happened in that conference but I got to talk with Valve which was great.
Img 20141017 191948 by Dreatos
Drew this while at STL Crystal Fair.  Thanks to everyone who came out to see me/buy things/enjoy the con!
And their judgement was harsh.

It happened. by Dreatos

Goodnight 3DS.  May you smash again in some other form some day.

Crystal Fair in St. Louis next weekend!  I guess I won't have my 3DS to nab everyone's streetpass smash data :(.

Edit:  System is bricked.  Completely unusable until a repair is attempted.
What could it be? by Dreatos
I'm working on some new things.  Full details when the first set are done!

In other news!

-The NMM card revision 2 is experiencing problems in construction.  I think I have it figured out but I'm still working on the solution.  An update will happen when I solve this.

-Some are still waiting on posters to be delivered!  I apologize and am working on getting them out ASAP!  I will send notes when they are shipped.

St. Louis Crystal Fair is back again for 2014!
You can expect to find me there with some of my new products as well as all the posters I brought to BronyCon 2014!  Get your excite engines started!  I will post a journal in the future detailing what all I'm bringing.


Take off your helmet NMM Card2 Tiny by DreatosTake off your helmet NMM Cardback2 by Dreatos
(Cardback is currently still WIP.  I want the bordersize to match front and back.)

Hey guys!  After some experimentation the 2nd edition of the NMM CCG parody card is almost ready!  This is a journal to hype it up while I figure out the best way to construct the new cards.  These are printed on a special metallic paper to give the card a very special shine!

These will be available for $15 a piece (Shipping included for continental United States) and I will do my best to provide one of these:… to both protect the purchase and make it look nicer when you get it.

Those who own the original 16 cards, yours are now unofficially dubbed 1st editions and are highly valued by people.  I don't know who these people are.

A journal will be posted in the near future for ordering.


(I don't play the official CCG so I don't know if this card would work.  The way I figure is both players are 'stunned' by Nightmare Moon's beauty which is why they cannot take any action.  It's just for fun!)

I shaved my face when I got home I swear.

Also props to Pirate Dash for sharing a booth with me!
Hey guys!
BronyCon was a blast.  You guys came out in force and really showed your support.  Many prints were bought, many hands shook, and hopefully many good feelings were sent back home.

I still have leftover prints that I don't wish to hold onto!


Cybertronian Equestrian by Dreatos

I still have FIVE of these left!  They are still the special metallic paper with a slight holographic shine.  I will be printing no more of these on metallic paper ever again.

For those interested I am selling them at $30 a piece, this includes shipping.
If you are outside the US but wish for one please leave a comment and I will discuss it with you.
They are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE via comments below.  Leave a comment stating, "I wish to buy this" or similar and if you're among the five, I will open a note with you and we will negotiate the deal.

A future journal will detail the Nightmare Moon custom CCG card.  Please keep an eye out for it.


8/11/14 update: 
Currently waiting on a considerable quantity of tubes to deliver to my house before I can start to ship out.  Once those arrive, I will offer the other designs for sale to those interested!  Prices will be posted in the respective journals.
I'll post a new journal with relevant information regarding what this journal was about soon.

It was about this:
Img 20140730 172843 by Dreatos
They are sold out at BronyCon 2014 at the moment.  I'll post info in the new journal for those still interested in acquiring one.
Hey guys!  I wanted to wait to do this until the latest drawing was done.  This is the BronyCon 14' print lineup!  Find all this at Booth 814 with me and Pirate Dash!

All designs are now available in 11 x 17.  Very select will be available in 13 x 19 due to leftovers from Everfree Northwest.

               Cybertronian Equestrian by Dreatos
^Available in a special metallic paper!^

The Royal Pony Sisters ..? (print version edit!) by Dreatos     The Ali-Quartet by Dreatos     Take off your helmet, Nightmare Moon. by Dreatos     Luna Dos Night 8/9/14 update! by Dreatos     Wait until you see it in the light. by Dreatos
SONIC PINK-RAINBOOM by Dreatos Itteh Bitteh Cotton Candy Selling Committeh by Dreatos Let Us Race by Dreatos Fusion clash!  Celuna versus Discord! by Dreatos
I just wanted a kingdom my own. by Dreatos Winter's Beginning by Dreatos The flame guardian Atherion by Dreatos My Little Pony : Untold Potential by Dreatos
Valghost Coast to Coast Banner by Dreatos Good morning Manehatten! by Dreatos Pony Ball Z: Sisters divided!  Celestia v.s. Luna! by Dreatos ZOOM ENHANCE 8/7/14 update! by Dreatos

A poster size will be available for:
My Little Pony : Untold Potential by Dreatos Fusion clash!  Celuna versus Discord! by Dreatos The Ali-Quartet by Dreatos Cybertronian Equestrian by Dreatos

Edit:  After BronyCon is over, some of these designs will go into legacy mode meaning I won't make new prints of them.  I will note which ones after BronyCon is done and I see my sale numbers.
Img 20140727 214514 by Dreatos

It thought it ran out of ink and panicked.
I saved the drawing though and this is now highly valued at a very expensive price.

Official BronyCon journal coming soon!
As soon as I finish this metal print.

Have a preview!
.What Could It Beeee---In the parallel dimensionnn by Dreatos

BronyCon is so close and I have this amazing idea CRUNCH TIME AH.
Hey folks!  Thanks goes out to everyone so far who came out for day 1.  It was a great day and I look forward to tomorrow.

I wanted to give a quick update regarding the table I am at!

I am now commandeering the entirety of table 13.

DarkFlame has moved to another location in the vendor hall!  (DarkFlame if you see this post before EFNW is over please tell me what table for I don't remember what its number was)

I will do my best to direct anyone looking for him to his new location.
Vendor by Dreatos


Come see Darkflame and I over at table 13 at Everfree Northwest!

Final announcement guys!  I had just a few pieces of paper left so THESE TWO

Mega Evolution X Celestia by DreatosMega Evolution Y Luna by Dreatos

Are gonna be available AS A SET with only one set available!  I reserve no slots so come get them while you can!
(Pending how quickly they sell will determine if they appear as a more widely available print come BronyCon)

I depart tomorrow via vehicle to make a very long treck across the United States.  I'll see you all on Thursday/Friday!
Hey guys the date is closing in and I felt the need to detail what all is going to be available at EverfreeNW this year!

Starting with the 11 x 17s:

Valghost Coast to Coast Banner by Dreatos  The Ali-Quartet by Dreatos  Let Us Race by Dreatos  Fusion clash!  Celuna versus Discord! by Dreatos
The flame guardian Atherion by Dreatos  I just wanted a kingdom my own. by Dreatos  My Little Pony : Untold Potential by Dreatos  Winter's Beginning by Dreatos (A text-less version is what will be available for the Vinyl/Tavi print)


The 13 x 19s:

Good morning Manehatten! by Dreatos        Itteh Bitteh Cotton Candy Selling Committeh by Dreatos
SONIC PINK-RAINBOOM by Dreatos  ZOOM ENHANCE 8/7/14 update! by Dreatos
Luna Dos Night 8/9/14 update! by Dreatos  Pony Ball Z: Sisters divided!  Celestia v.s. Luna! by Dreatos  Wait until you see it in the light. by Dreatos  The Royal Pony Sisters ..? (print version edit!) by Dreatos

Looking forward to this convention WITH INCREDIBLE HYPE.