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I am now confirmed for vendoring at EFNW this year!  Details to follow soon enough!  So far looks like I'll be on a table with another mysterious artist.  Hopefully he or she is handsome and beautiful and possess a 3DS and some Pokemon or Animal Crossing.

Stay tuned for BronyCon and other announcements later on!


Also I'm vendoring at TrotCon 2014.  My sister will be there too!  Be sure to make plans to stop on by.  I'll have more designs this year and hopefully some even newer stuff before the official date hits.
Have a preview:

Stay tuned for the announcement for EverfreeNW, Bronycon, St. Louis Pony Con, and Nightmare Nights as time goes on!
All art based delivery services are canceled.  I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused your family and dog.


(In retrospect, next year I'm gonna have to go all out and replace all my art with low res/watermarks to really sell it.  I never really think about these things until THE DAY OF April 1st.)
People have long been asking about this for many months!


A new subscription based service that enables YOU to get all the high resolution art without watermarks or down-ressing!

Just send an easy monthly payment of $19.95 to my paypal and you too can get high resolution art delivered to your place of residence within a relatively short amount of time*!
*Please allow 4-16 weeks for delivery.  A $29.99 surcharge will occur with shipping inside the continental United States.  A $69.99 surcharge will occur with shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and everywhere else.
Just fill out an easy to use form with all your credit card info here:

Thanks for your support and enjoy the art!
But I gotta say that Maud Pie is quite everywhere isn't she?

I feel like if I opened my cookie jar at home, her head would pop out and just stare at me like inconvenient Trixie but with no silly face.

What about a grander sense?

Before I get into this subject let me define my limited vision of 'artistic envy'.

Artistic Envy is basically when you look at another artist and go, "WHY DO I NOT DRAW THE SAME AS YOU OR AS WELL AS YOU".  I suspect any and every artist experiences this at some point and in various amounts.  It can be crippling, going so far as to prevent you from working on your own art due to heavy envy afflicting you.

But my curiosity is in the idea of asking whether artistic envy extends further to not just a person but to teams.

When a developer of a game, say ... Bethesda, is working on TES VI, do they look at stuff Nintendo is doing with The Legend of Zelda and ask, "Why is our game not like theirs?"

Do the guys at Dreamworks look at Pixar and say, "We wish we could touch people in the same way Pixar does"?  And then a movie is delayed or scrapped because of this feeling.

Could it actually cripple a team working on a big project?

What do you guys think?  And if you have a real life example, please feel free to post it.
Didn't want to submit this to scraps as the complete image will be here soon.

Check that description for all your details n' stuff and enjoy the preview!

EDIT:  UNDERESTIMATED WORKLOAD NEEDED TO BE DONE.  Probably won't get posted tonight (3/2/2014).
Just a quick update.

Everfree Northwest
and Bronycon

Are all now soft-confirmed!  They will be solid-confirmed once tables are announced.  Twist up you some fingers and hope for the best!

I have ultimately decided not to go to Fiesta Equestria now that Bronycon is soft-confirmed.  I'm gonna need the rest of July as necessary I am afraid. 

Crystal Fair over in St. Louis is going to happen again this year.  I am going to definitely be there.  You should be there too!  You know why?  BECAUSE I HAD MY TRAY TABLE UP AND MY SEAT BACK IN THE FULL UPRIGHT POSITION.  Hopefully they get a website going soon.

Nightmare Nights has yet to announce their venue yet but I'm still looking to attend there this year.  Hopefully those who miss Fiesta Equestria can attend Nightmare Nights to make up for it.

I will update as news happens.

ALSO!  Question time.

I am going to be doing my art thing as best I can and avoid any blues as best I can.  I am curious though!

Is there any kind of focus towards a particular type of poster setup you'd like to see?  Something on your mind that makes you go, "I NEED THIS ON MY WALL AND POSSIBLY MY LIFE"?
I'm not looking for specific ideas so much as in-general.  I can't promise it'll influence anything but if it does, it'll be totally sweet.
This also could include stuff like not just the contents of the poster, but the size of it or shape.

Let me know in the comments!  I'm at about MAXIMUM LEVELS of excite right now because it is 1:31 a.m.
I just wanted to throw out there that I am using and abusing my scraps category more and more these days.  I know that when you watch someone, scraps is not initially nicked for notifications so if you don't mind seeing some slightly lower quality art (mostly un-inked or un-colored), I do encourage you guys to check out the scrapbook.

On that note, I am going to start making a more conscious effort to differentiate stuff that belongs in scraps and belongs in the main gallery.  This mostly means that more unfinished work will find itself in scraps while only finished work will be featured in the main gallery.
Ex:  This should have never been in the main gallery in my opinion: 
Ponies help with Health Notes by Dreatos

So again, I do encourage you guys/gals/robots/non-robots/TV-tropes enthusiasts/dogs/lizard men/Abraham Lincoln/Wonder Woman/Michelangelo/Gandalf/Dumbledore to stop by there once in a blue moon and discover some stuff!

The initial deal is gone but you can still get a shirt!

It is too risky for me to print a bunch of these shirts at the moment and hold onto them until convention time 18 years from now.


  I will discuss payment after ordering.  NO SHIPPING FEE. 
(alternatively send me an email at

I will be ordering through Vista Print.

I will also handle any refunds if someone is unhappy with how the shirt turns out. 
I trust Vista Print as I've used them multiple times before with my art in times past.

Edit:  I will be attempting to offer the one print shirts at a later date.  They are not as time sensitive.

I am currently in the works to print some shirts to sell at conventions planned this year and I need feedback from people who wear shirts.

If you wear a shirt, please continue reading!

The idea is to have a double sided shirt handy at the moment.
This on front:
T-shirt design:  I'm a morning kind of pony. by Dreatos
This on back:
T-shirt design:  I'm a night-scene kind of pony. by Dreatos

The shirts are going to be black.

What do you guys think?  Would you buy a shirt setup like that?  Or vice-versa?  Or even just plain, flat-out separate?

Speak with your wallets!

The most helpful person may be handsomely rewarded with a shirt.  I don't promise anything!  Except possibly a handsome shirt.

Some life updates if you care for those sort of things!

Hermit mode is off again.  I didn't legitimately mean it when I said, "(Next week I become a hermit and cut off ALL communication)".

I haven't seen ANY of Season 4 yet.  I don't know why I'm waiting.  I'll catch up eventually.  I think I'm waiting because I have other things to draw.  Those episodes do wonders to inspire new ideas.  Old ideas gotta get done first though.

I recently picked up a game called, "Strike Vector".  Check out my Steam review here:  Derp link didn't work.

Next up is convention plans!

Currently I am confirmed only for TrotCon this year.
I am looking into attending Everfree Northwest for the first time but that is -one long drive-.  Flying and trains are out of the question.  Too expensive.
I'm also going to make a more serious attempt at attending Nightmare Nights down in Texas.  I missed out last year from waiting too long.

If you guys got any ideas for cons you'd like to see me at, let me know and I'll check em' out.  I'd love to do more traveling this year!
*AFK tag goes away*

Hey guys sorry I had to go check up on something.

What's up?

While my own creative juices have been SEVERELY lacking, my sister is in the exact opposite camp.  She'd like to eventually put this one up for sale if anyone is interested.  Details to follow!

Take a reckon to who it is?

No, it's not Celestia.
No, it's not JonTron.
*Hangs up phone violently*
I am not a Doctor.  ... Wait what?  I have discovered a NEW POWER.
-Stupid title limit.

I live!

LIFE NEWS!  I'm officially gonna say it.  I'm in a drawing depression of sorts.  I honest to goodness don't know what's wrong this time.  This is the cause of my silence!  Since my typical response to no-drawing is very little social activity; I figure forcing social activity should cause something to happen.  Right?  (Next week I become a hermit and cut off ALL communication.)

I am going to be vendoring in St. Louis this weekend at The Crystal Fair.
It's a small con but it is there!  I will have 11x17 prints, a couple 13x19 prints, and one 24x36 print.
Check that link:

There are still plans to go to Nightmare Nights down in Texas.  More info on that after this weekend.

I'm gonna go catch up on a few things I've been neglecting dearly.  Aye?

Other'n that uhhh.…


I completely forgot about the whole season 1 poster 11x17 detail.  THIS IS AN UPDATE TO THAT (I need to respond to a couple notes).  If you want one, they're actually going to be 13x19 and on matte paper.  The quality is still super high but it's not semi-gloss it's matte.  SEND ME A NOTE AND I'll work out the details about getting one to you.  It'll still be $15 per print for these.  I will keep this offer live through October now.
Updates time.

I'm sick!  Got sick while coming home from BronyCon.  Cold, sore throat, something more maybe.  I'm surprised at how much it has taken out of me.  I've been physically exhausted from COUGHING.  I haven't even been coughing that hard.  I'm fine though!  Don't worry.  I do put a curse on the poor soul who made me sick.  YEAH YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

My wacom pen is dieing again!  It has seen its own year and a half of abuse and is starting to become unresponsive.  I am kind of glad it waited until now to do so, but simultaneously I also have some (very patient) people waiting on commissions that need to get done.
-So on that note I'll be likely ordering a new pen soon.
-I'd REALLY like to get me a Cintiq and just replace my old Intuos, but that will have to wait even longer.  So expensive.
The pen isn't dieing.  So you guys remember that game I mentioned earlier this year?  Phantasy Star Online 2?  It does -not- like the Wacom Pen.  It will cause the cursor to stop dead in its tracks if you so much as hover over PSO2's icon.  I haven't played in a few months so I forgot that detail.  Crisis averted!

Future con plans!

I'm still looking at St. Louis' Crystal Fair and attending it as a vendor.  I'm wary at the moment still as I don't know a lot about the con.  The good news I live about an hour and a half away so I'll just be driving to and from the con each day!  My sister might attend this one and show off her crocheted ponies to the STL bronies.  Keep an eye out!

I'm also looking into vendoring at Nightmare Nights.  By that point I hope to have the 2nd poster done (in the vein of the Season 1 poster).  I may also have a different item available at a silent auction, or a raffle.  I'm leaning raffle, as that lowers the 'entry' gate quite a bit.  It just doesn't guarantee you the item.  Something to think about!
My dad is planning on attending this one with me.  SUPER excited about that!

She wants to make more.

She doesn't know I took these photos.


Pow pow!  Commission upload first thing:  They went to the scrapbook but I'm double linking them here for delicious karma.  DA has karma right?  Right?
I had about 2-3 more I did but I failed to get pictures of them due to a LOT of lack of sleep.……

BronyCon 2013 was pretty fun!  I met TONS of people, fans, artists, and more.  Your support towards me at BronyCon was very heartwarming and I appreciate every one who came by.

Special shout-outs go to Chocolate Pony for giving me a place to stay despite my financial situation, and a special shout-out to Ahmedz for giving me a space on his table.  Also a special shout-out should go to GiantMosquito, also at Ahmedz' table, who helped give information to curious people and helped both Ahmedz and I sell things while we were away from the table.

Special announcement!

Due to an error on my part, I did not bring any small versions of my Season 1 Poster to BronyCon; which in turn lead to a bit of disappointment among a few people.
For a limited time, I am going to offer the poster at 11x17, glossy, for $15 a piece via the mail.  I will hold this offer up through the end of August.  I want you to send me a note on DeviantArt detailing your interest, and I will work with you from there to get you your print.  I may possibly work with anyone who wants larger sizes too, just let me know.
The bad news is my car broke down three hours into my trip.  Mom and Dad had to come rescue me.  I'm being forced to rent a car, stay at a hotel tonight, and make my journey longer for Thursday.

That hurts the bank really badly.  I'm already invested pretty deep, as well as my family for this trip.  This last minute expense does not help at all.  We will survive, however.

Good news is plans haven't changed for getting to BronyCon.  I'll still be doing everything in my power to arrive!

Anyone passing through Terre Haute, Indiana, uhh, hi!