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Img 20140730 172843 by Dreatos

Find these at booth 814 at BronyCon 2014!

Augh these were so frustrating to make!  A concept I came up with after I had one extra metal sheet of paper.  They're not perfect but they're nice for a first attempt.  There will be very limited quantity (16 total) at BronyCon this year.

Be sure to stop by to check them out and other stuff I'll have!
Hey guys!  I wanted to wait to do this until the latest drawing was done.  This is the BronyCon 14' print lineup!  Find all this at Booth 814 with me and Pirate Dash!

All designs are now available in 11 x 17.  Very select will be available in 13 x 19 due to leftovers from Everfree Northwest.

               Cybertronian Equestrian by Dreatos
^Available in a special metallic paper!^

The Royal Pony Sisters ..? (print version edit!) by Dreatos     The Ali-Quartet by Dreatos     Take off your helmet, Nightmare Moon. by Dreatos     Luna Dos Night by Dreatos     Wait until you see it in the light. by Dreatos
SONIC PINK-RAINBOOM by Dreatos Itteh Bitteh Cotton Candy Selling Committeh by Dreatos Let Us Race by Dreatos Fusion clash!  Celuna versus Discord! by Dreatos
I just wanted a kingdom my own. by Dreatos Winter's Beginning by Dreatos The flame guardian Atherion by Dreatos My Little Pony : Untold Potential by Dreatos
Valghost Coast to Coast Banner by Dreatos Good morning Manehatten! by Dreatos Pony Ball Z: Sisters divided!  Celestia v.s. Luna! by Dreatos ZOOM ENHANCE by Dreatos

A poster size will be available for:
My Little Pony : Untold Potential by Dreatos Fusion clash!  Celuna versus Discord! by Dreatos The Ali-Quartet by Dreatos Cybertronian Equestrian by Dreatos

Edit:  After BronyCon is over, some of these designs will go into legacy mode meaning I won't make new prints of them.  I will note which ones after BronyCon is done and I see my sale numbers.
Img 20140727 214514 by Dreatos

It thought it ran out of ink and panicked.
I saved the drawing though and this is now highly valued at a very expensive price.

Official BronyCon journal coming soon!
As soon as I finish this metal print.

Have a preview!
.What Could It Beeee---In the parallel dimensionnn by Dreatos

BronyCon is so close and I have this amazing idea CRUNCH TIME AH.
Hey folks!  Thanks goes out to everyone so far who came out for day 1.  It was a great day and I look forward to tomorrow.

I wanted to give a quick update regarding the table I am at!

I am now commandeering the entirety of table 13.

DarkFlame has moved to another location in the vendor hall!  (DarkFlame if you see this post before EFNW is over please tell me what table for I don't remember what its number was)

I will do my best to direct anyone looking for him to his new location.
Vendor by Dreatos


Come see Darkflame and I over at table 13 at Everfree Northwest!

Final announcement guys!  I had just a few pieces of paper left so THESE TWO

Mega Evolution X Celestia by DreatosMega Evolution Y Luna by Dreatos

Are gonna be available AS A SET with only one set available!  I reserve no slots so come get them while you can!
(Pending how quickly they sell will determine if they appear as a more widely available print come BronyCon)

I depart tomorrow via vehicle to make a very long treck across the United States.  I'll see you all on Thursday/Friday!
Hey guys the date is closing in and I felt the need to detail what all is going to be available at EverfreeNW this year!

Starting with the 11 x 17s:

Valghost Coast to Coast Banner by Dreatos  The Ali-Quartet by Dreatos  Let Us Race by Dreatos  Fusion clash!  Celuna versus Discord! by Dreatos
The flame guardian Atherion by Dreatos  I just wanted a kingdom my own. by Dreatos  My Little Pony : Untold Potential by Dreatos  Winter's Beginning by Dreatos (A text-less version is what will be available for the Vinyl/Tavi print)


The 13 x 19s:

Good morning Manehatten! by Dreatos        Itteh Bitteh Cotton Candy Selling Committeh by Dreatos
Luna Dos Night by Dreatos  Pony Ball Z: Sisters divided!  Celestia v.s. Luna! by Dreatos  Wait until you see it in the light. by Dreatos  The Royal Pony Sisters ..? (print version edit!) by Dreatos

Looking forward to this convention WITH INCREDIBLE HYPE.
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported me and my sister.  We had a stellar time and hope we made people happy.

The best part about it all though was I had THIS waiting for me upon arriving in my room (Per my request when I booked my room).

Which one of you did it?  Fess up because it's -AMAZING- and I love it.  Never imagined such a request to be completed.  Hope to see you all again next year!
I want all of you to write fantastical things and try to make me laugh/impress me so that I can feature your comment for no real reason aside from getting internet popular from other people.

*Sits upon a Discord styled throne*

I chose a no. 1 but I still am a kind and just mortal that I will choose a no. 2.
My cyan ink is forever empty.

Hey guys!  Con season is upon us, I'm working diligently to get -something- done besides printing out my stuff.  I recently attended the Toyman Show in St. Louis as a guest artist and made a few dollars (Thanks go out to everyone who supported me!  I can't really say how much that amount helped but it REALLY did).

An issue was brought to my attention!  I have been preferring using 13 x 19 sized prints (Super B sized) ever since BronyCon last year.  I have this super fancy printer that can print that size and the prints (in my humble opinion) are amazing in quality.

The issue was that 13 x 19 was just a bit too big and there wasn't as conventional means to transport the next size up.  Only a couple people brought that up, but it lost me a couple of good sales.

SO MY QUESTION TO EVERYONE OUT THERE WHO LOVES TO BUY PRINTS (and hopefully plans on visiting me at one of the cons I'm visiting this year to support me :>)

What is your opinion towards the larger 13 x 19 versus the standard(ish?) 11 x 17?

I would be able to switch over to 11 x 17 easily enough, but I would have to go ahead and re-invest myself before TrotCon hits in less than a month from now.  The financial hit won't hurt too much but getting the paper shipped to me so I can get everything printed is a slight issue this close to con season.
Went ahead and threw the design up on Redbubble for the moment!  Not gonna be doing any more Vistaprint nonsense.

Check out the shirt here if you're interested!…

In other new!

I'll be watching Season 4 -soon-.  I can't say how soon but soon enough.  Expect Season 4 inspired art perhaps!  Or season 5 inspired art!  I need to get back ahead of the curve again.


I will be at this years BronyCon, selling on the same table as Pirate Dash!  More information about that to follow.  Should things go according to plan, you may get to meet my father as well!  He's a great person who has a lot to talk about.  Be sure to stop by and get a story (But not about when I was a baby because those are embarrassing and not meant for actual story telling)!
I'll be there with a table, this Sunday!  Come stop by, get some stuff, shake a hand, eat a pretzel (not provided at my table), and have some good times!

(In the meantime I have so much to draw aghhhh aaahhhh motivation where are you THE WORLD NEEDS YOU.)


I am now confirmed for vendoring at EFNW this year!  Details to follow soon enough!  So far looks like I'll be on a table with another mysterious artist.  Hopefully he or she is handsome and beautiful and possess a 3DS and some Pokemon or Animal Crossing.

Stay tuned for BronyCon and other announcements later on!


Also I'm vendoring at TrotCon 2014.  My sister will be there too!  Be sure to make plans to stop on by.  I'll have more designs this year and hopefully some even newer stuff before the official date hits.
Have a preview:

Stay tuned for the announcement for EverfreeNW, Bronycon, St. Louis Pony Con, and Nightmare Nights as time goes on!
All art based delivery services are canceled.  I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused your family and dog.


(In retrospect, next year I'm gonna have to go all out and replace all my art with low res/watermarks to really sell it.  I never really think about these things until THE DAY OF April 1st.)
People have long been asking about this for many months!


A new subscription based service that enables YOU to get all the high resolution art without watermarks or down-ressing!

Just send an easy monthly payment of $19.95 to my paypal and you too can get high resolution art delivered to your place of residence within a relatively short amount of time*!
*Please allow 4-16 weeks for delivery.  A $29.99 surcharge will occur with shipping inside the continental United States.  A $69.99 surcharge will occur with shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and everywhere else.
Just fill out an easy to use form with all your credit card info here:

Thanks for your support and enjoy the art!
But I gotta say that Maud Pie is quite everywhere isn't she?

I feel like if I opened my cookie jar at home, her head would pop out and just stare at me like inconvenient Trixie but with no silly face.

What about a grander sense?

Before I get into this subject let me define my limited vision of 'artistic envy'.

Artistic Envy is basically when you look at another artist and go, "WHY DO I NOT DRAW THE SAME AS YOU OR AS WELL AS YOU".  I suspect any and every artist experiences this at some point and in various amounts.  It can be crippling, going so far as to prevent you from working on your own art due to heavy envy afflicting you.

But my curiosity is in the idea of asking whether artistic envy extends further to not just a person but to teams.

When a developer of a game, say ... Bethesda, is working on TES VI, do they look at stuff Nintendo is doing with The Legend of Zelda and ask, "Why is our game not like theirs?"

Do the guys at Dreamworks look at Pixar and say, "We wish we could touch people in the same way Pixar does"?  And then a movie is delayed or scrapped because of this feeling.

Could it actually cripple a team working on a big project?

What do you guys think?  And if you have a real life example, please feel free to post it.