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August 2, 2011
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Origin Story: Fluttershy Pg. 2 by Dreatos Origin Story: Fluttershy Pg. 2 by Dreatos
Page 1: [link]
Page 3: [link]

Edit: B-B-B-Bonus 2 is now available. You have to find it down below though. Moahahahaha!

Page 3 will be completed much faster than this one. Page 3 is also much shorter.

Long description is go!

When you mess with the Shy you get the stare. Poor dog has to go hungry and lose his lunch I guess! You must now pity him.

Oh wait he threatened to eat Fluttershy NEVERMIND.

Keep a look out for b-b-b-bonus stuff on either this description or the next page. I don't have it done yet but b-b-b-bonus stuff is likely to happen.


Question: Why was the dog in the woods? Did he kill the rabbit?
Answer: Yes. The dog killed the rabbit but when he heard Fluttershy coming he dashed off. He saw Fluttershy drop her guard and came back out. LITTLE DID HE KNOW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT.

Question: How did the tiny bunny get under the larger bunny?
Answer: The tiny bunny was with the larger bunny. The b-b-b-bonus comic that may come will help show this off better. Basically the dog chases the rabbit all over and in a last ditch effort the larger bunny covers the tiny bunny with her body. The dog moved off into the woods before he could do in the tiny bunny. That's the point Fluttershy came in and saw the dead larger bunny.

Question: Why are you doing a Q&A before even uploading this comic?
Answer: Because these were concerns I myself had while drawing. If you do not think of these things while looking at the comic then that just means I'm -way- too anxious and paranoid.

What was that noise behind me!?

B-B-B-Bonus goes here once it's complete.

B-B-B-Bonus 1!
B-B-B-Bonus 2!
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Angel981 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
AMAZING Cinnamon Rumia free avatar 
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And that's the way she discovered the power of...THE STARE!
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:0 wowowowowowow
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Note to self: Never mess with an angry Fluttershy 8I
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Awesome cool :D
GEWB2105 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
And that is how the Stare was first used.
ceraperduta Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
When cornered, the Pegasus will display her wings to intimidate predators... what a remarkable specimen !!
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I still pity the doggy...
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Should of killed her.......
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