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Wait what. Don't actually pay for this. Seriously this is a joke. Don't pay. DON'T. WHAT DID I JUST S-NOOO THERE GOES THE DOG INTO THE BATH.


Part 2!  Dreatos!  The name I had to go by on DeviantArt!

I've said it before but I'll say it again.  Dreatos is my backup name when Valcron is taken at places I register to.

But Dreatos as a character was always so much more than a simple name!  There's not as many pictures here as Dreatos didn't see as much art in later years as Valcron did.

Dreatos 2 by Dreatos

Fresh off the press!  Fun fact:  I have never given him color until this drawing.

Dreatos as a character saw creation a few years before Valcron was even a concept.  He participated in my first story I ever thought up.  Metacom X!  Such an old name.

Dreatos was originally named ...
Well you see he wasn't originally named Dreatos he was named ...

Drieton Quletar.

Yeah.  At the age of 12 I knew exactly what I was doing.

Behold!  'Drieton' in his original incarnation!

Drieton Quletar by Dreatos
The Final Boss.  He was one big bad guy.  His laser rocket backpack was the stuff of nightmares!
The hero of the story was a young boy named Conner Lebro.  Conner owned this little robot named Vava Lebro.  Together they would overcome Drieton and save the day!

That story was my legacy when I was 12 years old.  It lived until I was 14 when I suddenly lost interest in drawing both Conner and Vava.  Drieton here stuck along and I decided to give him a new life.

It was important that he be taken seriously.  After a couple years of wisdom I realized that Drieton as a name was pretty poor.  I renamed him to 'Dreaton' instead, which sounded and wrote better.  But Dreaton didn't stick around very long either.  I switched the n for an s and now we have Dreatos!  It really is as simple as that.

Behold!  Dreatos in his new incarnation!

Dreatos by Dreatos
Where do I start?  Greater demon of the Arun Heigh?  The McKnight Master?
He transfigured himself from giant death dealing robot to giant armored demon of some special place.
Funnily enough this image was drawing during the brief period before I signed everything with my VC.
If you can't read my signature it says, "Derrick Nail AKA The McKnight Master".

I signed so many drawings that way for a long time.  I was proud of that title for the period I wrote it.

As a Greater Demon, Dreatos was now Lord of Death and Destruction.  I also played a lot of Diablo 2 in these days so maybe there's a bit of influence somewhere.

This form existed for only a brief moment.  This one super shaded drawing.  Dreatos saw himself become something else shortly after this.

A Giant Robot?  That's cool.
A Greater Demon?  That's cool too.
How about combining BOTH?

DreatosRobot by Dreatos
This was the first design of his Demon Robot form.  It was more robot than demon.
This was around the same time that Valcron surfaced.  After thinking on it for a bit I decided that now Valcron and Dreatos were sworn enemies!  Destined to fight!

I continued to work on the design for Dreatos until we finally arrived to something closer to my intro image.

DreatosRoboticNew-1 by Dreatos
This was the first ever concrete appearance of Dreatos.  Notice his right arm is supposed to be fully flesh.
The idea behind this more modern Dreatos was that he was a Greater Demon possessing the body of a giant robot.  The robot was designated to be a weapon of mass destruction.  Combine that with the strength of a Greater Demon and suddenly you have the most terrifying creature on Earth!

Of course he had design ideas for in case he ever managed to return to his own physical form.

DreatosTests by DreatosDreatosDemon by Dreatos

I never properly synchronized the demon and the robot appearance that well.
Dreatos was never really meant to spend a lot of time in demon form which is why it never saw much development.

And outside of these images this is the only other image I have of Dreatos that came closest to finishing his design in any capacity:

Dreatos2Cape by Dreatos
A lot of my characters saw a similar drawing design close to this.  One of Valcron's images uses the same greyscale coloring.
There is one more image I have.  I made this during my senior year of High School!  This image was my pride and joy of that year.

ArtVIMeInMyStyleSinCity-1 by Dreatos
That's me in the middle.  That's McKnight to my right (to the left on the image).  Vava Lebro on the opposite side.  The rest are various characters from stories or single images I had done over time.  Dreatos looms over all of us and his design changed a bit again as he never really was a fully concrete character in design.

At the end of the day, Dreatos has mostly faded to being a memory, and will likely stay there.  If he should ever return, it would likely involve a new story to better utilize him.  Metacom X will stay where it was created even if it was once considered a masterpiece by me.  No bias.
Lots of bias actually.

Hope you guys enjoyed this journal!  Now you know most of the history of both Valcron and Dreatos as I have made them.
If you have any questions once again feel free to ask.  I'll do my best to answer.

Thanks for making it this far!


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I'm Valcron. If you see the VC and it is not a vacuum cleaner then it is probably me. If it truly is not the true Valcron then you should attack them and obliterate them so that the real Valcron may reign supreme (That would be me.).


I draw.

Come for the drawings.
Stay for silly journal doodles.

... ... ...

I had a livestream channel: Currently deactivated due to lack of use.

I have a Youtube page:…
Check it out. There's some art there I have yet to post here.

Twitter is deactivated:
Will post a journal if it ever returns. I just can't get into bird calls at the moment.

I have a tumblr.
Check it out. There's some art there I have yet to post here. It's now a new Tumblr. The old Tumblr will be archived at a later date.
THIS TUMBLR WILL RETURN SOMEDAY. I just haven't gotten around to returning it.

I may draw on your page. If I do you should celebrate and throw a Pinkie Pie style party.

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